About Me: A girl who's a huge fan of Anime/Manga. One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragonball and Sailor Moon are just a few of my favorites. Love video games and just sit back and enjoy a good RPG on my days off. Favorites franchise being The Legend of Zelda, followed by Fire Emblem, Pokemon Smash and a bunch of others.
Currently playing: Xenoblade Chronicles (loving it so far! Completely engrossed), Ni No Kuni (a little bit on hold thanks to Xenoblade), Tomodachi Life (cause... why not?)
A huge huge fan of the J-pop/Rock group KAT-TUN. Hyphen for life! -<3

Living the Canadian Life =D







I don’t even currrr

After just 30 secs into the video I favourited… Even though I don’t ship Pin and Ayane anymore, this video does it well :)